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Senior Leadership Engagement and Cooperation

Senior leaders participate in multiple events annually to foster cooperation among Central American, South American and Caribbean air forces. One example is participation in CONJEFAMER, a meeting between senior air force generals from multiple nations as part of the System of Cooperation Among the American Air Forces.

Being Prepared for Contingency Operations

The command works throughout the year to support interoperability and partnership building between air forces in the case of a major disaster or contingency operation. One example is New Horizons, an annual humanitarian assistance exercise that AFSOUTH conducts with a partner nation in Central America, South America, or the Caribbean. The exercise improves joint training readiness of U.S. and partner nation civil engineers, medical professionals and support personnel through humanitarian assistance activities.

Subject Matter Expert Exchanges and Visits

Airmen share best-practices and lessons-learned with partner-nation air forces through subject matter expert exchanges and other visits. One example of this is the Mobility Support Advisory Squadron capability, which uses U.S. Air Force air mobility experts from more than two dozen technical specialties to deploy and work side-by-side with partner nation counterparts in developing the core competencies of command and control, aeromedical evacuation communications, airfield operations, aerial support and aircraft maintenance.

Interoperability and Combined Exercises

AFSOUTH participates in multiple exercises with partner-nation air forces in efforts to increase familiarity and interoperability with our partner-nations. One example is through participating in CRUZEX, a Brazilian-led training exercise focused on air operations such as air-to-air maneuvers, aerial refueling, and combat search and rescue. Another example is PANAMAX, an annual exercise focused on protecting the free flow of sea traffic through the Panama Canal, ensuring its neutrality, and respecting national sovereignty in the region.