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He was born on November 27th, 1963 in San Fernando. He studied at Instituto San Fernando, in San Fernando city.
He joined the Aviation Academy in January 1982 and he graduated as Second Lieutenant in January 1st, 1985.
On January 2nd, 2016 he was promoted to the rank of Major General.
On December 16th, 2018 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General having the 7th seniority in the Institution.
On December 2022 he was promoted to the rank of General as Commander In Chief of the Chilean Air Force.
He is married to Mrs. Louise María Araújo Santos. He is father of Tomás and Hugo.

1985 - May.1985 : Aviation Academy, Santiago.
Jun.1985 - Dec.1988 : Air Base Wing Nº 4, Iquique.
Jan.1989 - Jan.1992 : Aviation Academy, Santiago.
Feb.1992 - Nov.1992 : Aviation Group Nº 10, Santiago.
Nov.1992 - Sep.1993 : Aviation Group Nº 9, Santiago.
Sep.1993 - Jul.1996 : Air Base Wing Nº 2, Santiago.
Aug.1996 - Nov.1996 : Operations Directorate, Santiago.
Dic.1996 - Jan.1998 : Antarctic Exploration Group Nº 19.
Feb.1998 - Jan.2003 : Aviation Group Nº 9, Santiago.
Feb.2003 - Jan.2004 : Air War College, Santiago.
Feb.2004 - Jan.2010 : Ist Air Brigade, Iquique.
Feb.2010 - Jul.2011 : Operations Directorate, Santiago.
Aug.2011 - Jul.2013 : Air Attaché, Brazil.
Aug.2013 - Dec.2013 : General Staff, Santiago.
Dec.2013 - Dec.2014 : Aviation Academy, Santiago.
Dec.2014 - Dec.2018 : Intelligence Directorate, Santiago.
Dec.2018 – Dec.2022 : Personnel Command, Santiago.
Dec.2022 - up to now. : Commander in Chief of the Chilean Air Force

He has flown 6860,4 hours in Helicopter and instruction aircraft.

In December 2005, as Lieutenant Colonel, he was appointed Commander of the Aviation Group Nº 2, position in which he was in charge of administrative, operational and logistical command of the Unit and to manage the operations at a tactical level, in order to achieve the goals set by the High Commnad. He held that position until January 2010.
During the first semester 2010, as Colonel and while he was working at the Operations Directorate, he was appointed as Commander of the Helicopters Unit (MINUSTAH) in Haiti.
In May 2011, as Colonel, he was appointed as Air Attache in Brazil. In this position he was in charge of counselling the Diplomatic Mission Chief in topics related to national defense. Besides, he had to interact with the Brazilian Air Force authorities in order to strengthen professional ties, mutual trust and human relations, as well as lead technological development and mutual cooperation.
In December 2013, as Colonel, he was appointed Director of the Aviation Academy. In this position he was responsible for carrying out the integral formation process of Cadets, with the goal to prepare and graduate them as Air Force Officers, in accordance with the institutional needs. At the same time, he had to guarantee the proper means to accomplish flight requirements of Officers belonging to Santiago’s General Air Garrison, that were not assigned to a specific flying unit. He held this position until December 2014.
In December, 2014, as Air Commodore and later as Major General, he was appointed Intelligence Director, position in which he had to advise the Chief of Staff in matters related to intelligence and counterintelligence in order to support institutional operating enlistment. At the same time, as part of the State Intelligence System, he had to comply with Law Nº 19.974. Notwithstanding his former duties, he was appointed Commander of the Santiago General Air Garrison. He held this position unitl December, 2018.
December 2018, as Lieutenant General, he worked as Commander of the Personnel Command, where he has to manage human resources, education, health care and social welfare. The objective is to achieve a comprehensive development of the institution human resources, supporting the Chilean Air Force Mission. • Since, December 2022, up to now, as Commander in Chief of the Chilean Air Force

1985 : Theoretical and practical course in SA-315 aircraft, Aviation Group Nº 1.
1987 : Operative Intelligence Course, Intelligence Directorate.
1989 : Pedagogic Training Course. Aviation Academy.
1993 : Flight Course in BK-117 aircraft, Aviation Group Nº 9.
1994 : UH-1H Instructor Course, Aviation Group Nº 9.
1998 : Black Hawk theoretical Course, United States.
1999 : Course on Information. Air War College.
This course is attended as Captain of the Air Force, (a Subordinate Officer). The purpose is to give the Subordinate Officers a full view of the factors involved on taking command at tactical level and in the process of planning of Staff tactical units which is the consequence of planning at operative level.
2003 : Staff Course, Air War College
This Course is attended as Lieutenant Colonel. Its main objective is to prepare the Officer in command so he performs efficiently at operative – strategic level (with emphasis on operative level), in the assignments and activities which are the direct results of his being Staff specialist (Brigades, Air Commands and Headquarters). Furthermore, this course contributes to further education, giving the officers the necessary knowledge and skills to improve the administration of tactical Units.
2009 : Combined Air Staff Course and exercises. Argentina.

• Staff Course, Air War College.
• Technical Engineer on Aeronautical Systems. Air War College.

• Intermediate Oral English.
• Advanced oral and written Portuguese.