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  • JTF-Bravo treats more than 1,300 after earthquake in Peru

    Members of Joint Task Force-Bravo's disaster relief task force from Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras, continued to supply medical assistance to the citizens here Aug. 21, following an 8.0 magnitude earthquake that struck the region Aug. 15. Over the past two days, medical team members have treated more than 1,300 patients with a wide variety of
  • Soto Cano task force treats more than 200 Peruvian patients Aug. 18

    Medical personnel from Joint Task Force Bravo, from Soto Cano Air Base in Honduras, saw more than 200 patients during their first three hours of operation Aug. 18 and expect to see many more in the next week. The medical team deployed from Soto Cano the morning of Aug. 17 to provide humanitarian relief following the 8.0 magnitude earthquake Aug.
  • Soto Cano task force arrives in Peru

    PISCO, Peru - A team of Airmen and Soldiers from Joint Task Force-Bravo at Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras, arrived here Aug. 17 to provide medical care to those suffering in the aftermath of an 8.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated the region Aug. 15. The task force is the first American force to touch down in Pisco, joining other relief personnel
  • Soto Cano team responds to Peru earthquake

    Approximately 30 Soldiers and Airmen departed here Aug. 17 in support of relief efforts following the Aug. 15 earthquake near Lima, Peru. The task force, composed of a Mobile Surgery Team, communications specialists and a small security detail, departed the base aboard a C-130J assigned to the Maryland Air National Guard. The aircraft was the first
  • Army, Air Force dentists provide care for Honduran children

    Soldiers and Airmen began a two-week Medical Readiness Training Exercise Aug. 13, helping hundreds of Honduran children and providing much needed dental care at the Catholic University Dental School here. Dentists and dental technicians from Fort Sill, Okla., and Forts Hood and Sam Houston, Texas, deployed here, and were augmented by medical
  • Healing hands visit Honduras hospital

    In a brightly lit room in Hospital Escuela here Aug. 14, two U.S. hand surgeons bent over the hand of a 64-year old Honduran man. The patient was born with a condition which caused his hands to be permanently clenched, explained Army Capt. Heather Higgins, the patient's anesthesiologist from Fort Sam Houston, Texas, as the doctors worked to restore
  • Capstone class pays visit to Soto Cano

    Some of the military's newly selected flag and general officers visited here Aug. 14 during a two-week tour of the Western hemisphere as part a six-week Capstone program. The object of the course is to train individuals on effective planning and employment of U.S. forces. During the course participants will deal with major issues affecting national
  • MEDEL serves the masses

    During a readiness exercise here Aug. 13, members of Joint Task Force-Bravo's Medical Element demonstrated the ability to mobilize their forces, assess patients and provide quick and proper medical care, should an incident occur at Soto Cano Air Base. The goals of the mass casualty exercise, according to Army Capt. Marta Artiga, MEDEL acting
  • Air Force medics provide care aboard Navy hospital ship

    A team of more than 60 Air Force medics is in South America participating in a four-month joint Medical Readiness Training Exercise aboard the USNS Comfort hospital ship. The medical team, along with Latin American and Caribbean health officials, is providing free medical treatment to underserved citizens who live in cities along the Central, South