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Theme of the day "Support Our Troops"

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Kerry Jackson
  • 12th Air Force Public Affairs
"Support the Troops" was the overreaching theme Thursday amongst a crowd of
more than 100 veterans and their families who rallied together at Freedom Park
to show their support of American military members serving faithfully in the Global
War on Terror.

Veterans young and old proudly wore t-shirts and waved banners to show their support. Some were in tears because they are aware and understand the much
needed sacrifices American servicemembers are making for their country.

"I'm aware of the many sacrifices our military is making," said Jennifer Blakely, a Tucson resident. "And I make it my business to show how much we
support them. They (the troops) are courageous.

Col. Thomas Byrge, the commander of the 612th Air Communications Squadron at
Davis-Monthan AFB, was on hand to present the newest facts about the war and to dispel a number of myths regarding current operations in Iraq. Along with providing the facts surrounding the war, Colonel Byrge expressed his gratitude for the tremendous support Americans have shown.

"We need to thank the American public for their support to our troops- which
has been out standing," the Colonel said. "In December alone, we received
over 400,000 pounds of mail in the deployed theater. That's 50 pounds per
person. That's support."

"On the way home from Iraq, while in my desert catalogue uniform, people
continuously thanked me for what I do. This is truly outstanding."
The gathering, sponsored by Move America Forward, is one of a number of
rallies scheduled to takes place. Move America Forward is on a 27 city tour
across the United States to encourage Americans to support our troops.

"Our men and women of the military are putting their lives on the line to
protect our freedom," said Debbie Lee, a Move America Forward spokeswoman
and mother who lost her son Marc Allen Lee, a Navy Seal, during Operation
Iraqi Freedom. "Some like my son gave their life for our country. They
deserve to know that Americans appreciate their heroic effort on our behalf. .