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Army unit travels 1,800 miles west, joins DM community

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Jose Ross
  • 1st Battlefield Detatchment
An Army unit, currently located at Fort Bragg, N.C., will soon pack their bags and travel 1,800 miles across the United States to become permanent residents at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

The 1st Battlefield Detachment, which serves as a liaison between 12th Air Force and Air Forces Southern Command's Combined Air Operations Center and the U.S. Army South Ground Component to facilitate and synchronize air and ground operations in the U.S. Southern Command's area of responsibility, is scheduled to move here in February and become fully operational July 2007.

"The 1st BCD is excited about the move to Davis-Monthan and the opportunity to work in an active and vitally important AOR," said Col. James Miller, the 1st BCD commander. "The welcome and support we have received from everyone at Davis-Monthan has really been amazing and we are excited to be joining the SOUTHCOM, 12th AF/AFSOUTH and USARSO team."

The 1st BCD is a multi-faceted 40-personnel unit that provides expertise from Army Fire Support, Aviation, Air Space, Air Defense, Airlift, Military Intelligence, Signal and Transportation Corps. These distinct capabilities are embedded within 12thAF/AFSOUTH operations to accurately describe the ground operational picture for the Air Force. They allow the Air Force to better visualize the ground order of battle and ground enemy composition and disposition during the planning and targeting process.

"The unprecedented integration of the 1st BCD and the CAOC will greatly enhance the Common Operational Picture and maximize joint operational efforts within the SOUTHCOM AOR," said Col Miller "The 1st BCD will continue to work its transition plan from Fort Bragg, to Davis-Monthan and establish itself as a permanent fixture within 12th AF/AFSOUTH.

The 1st BCD has participated in multiple combat operations dating back from Vietnam, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait to present day Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. In its most recent deployment in support of the Global War On Terrorism, the unit provided the support needed for the integration of land and air operations in South West Asia.