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General Seip hosts first commander's call, honors troops

  • Published
  • By Maj. Melissa Miller
  • 12th Air Force and Air Forces Southern Public Affairs
Only 45 days after taking over as commander of 12th Air Force and Air Forces Southern Lt. Gen. Norman Seip conducted his first commander's call at the Davis-Monthan Base Theatre. More than 400 headquarters personnel filled the theater to capacity.

The general shared his thoughts and ideas with Headquarters 12th Air Force Airmen, "our mission is simple, Fly, Fight, Win," he said. "Everyone contributes to it, I encourage you to weave that thread that connects everyone to our mission at every opportunity."
On the Air Expeditionary Force he said, "The AEF cycle is how we present forces and how we'll win the long war and any other taskings across the spectrum of military operations that come our way." 

"You and I are responsible to ensure our Airmen are qualified, certified, proficient and combat ready to deploy and employ in an expeditionary environment," the general said. 

The commander then explained that mentoring is everyone's responsibility and that all 12th Air Force commanders and supervisors must prepare the next generation of warriors to take the lead. 

He encouraged everyone to promote an environment for every person to excel in. 

"We must treat everyone with respect and dignity," General Seip said. "No one is more important than anyone else in the organization when it comes to contributing to the mission." 

Teamwork is key, according to General Seip. 

"Team based wins are more important to me than individual ones," he said. 

"It's not about you or me, it's about our people, their families and the mission," the general said. "We, not I, is the operative word," he said. 

General Seip finished by outlining what he feels he owes his people: 

· Visible/Proactive Leadership.
· My loyalty...period dot.
· Open line of communication within the Chain of Command.
· A staff that helps solve your problems...not pile on more.
· Any resource, dollars or help I can get my hands on that you need in order for you to be successful.
· The opportunity to bring back to the staff and me, ideas, suggestions, initiatives, and changes previous commanders said no to. 

General Seip made award and medal presentations to the following individuals: 

Airman of the Quater: Airman 1st Class Andrea Dill, 25th Operational Weather Squadron
NCO of the Quater: Staff Sgt. Wendell Robinson, 612th Air Communications Squadron 

Senior NCO of the Quarter: Master Sgt. Scott Clark, 612th ACOMS 

Company Grade Officer of the Quarter: Capt. Devlin Kostal, 478th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron* 

Field Grade Officer of the Quarter: Maj. Christopher Buckley, 478th EOSS* 

Junior Civilian: Mrs. Christine Creasy-Klein, 612th Combat Plans Squadron 

Intermediate Civilian: Mr. Thomas Graue, 612th Air Operations Group 

Senior Civilian: Mr. Michael James, 612th CPS 

* Davis-Monthan installation award winners