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Excellence in all we do: 12th Air Force sets bar high

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Adam Grant
  • 12th Air Force (Air Forces Southern) Public Affairs
When you think of leading from the front, is staying in compliance with the Air Force Personnel Centers closeout dates for Enlisted Performance Evaluations, Decorations and Physical Fitness pass rates what comes to mind?

Well, it is for 12th Air Force who is leading from the front by holding Airmen to higher standards, exemplifying "Excellence in all we do."

"The standards set by our leadership is what I think keeps us ahead of the pack," said Staff Sgt. Arcelia Hauge, 12th Air Force (Air Forces Southern) commander support staff supervisor. "Here, reports are due 15-days prior to closeout for technical sergeants and below and 30- days prior for senior non-commissioned officers who are awaiting a senior rater endorsement."

At 12th Air Force every Airmen is valued and their overall contribution to the mission is very important,. so rewarding those for achievements and a job well done is crucial.

"Here the standard is to have the individual presented their decoration before they have their permanent change of station," said Senior Airman Keyana Peavy, 12th AF (AFSOUTH) commander support staff. "Were able to ensure this is done by tracking every individual decoration here which allows us to have them given in a timely manner."

Lt. Gen. Tod Wolters, 12th AF (AFSOUTH) commander, refers to this process as "pin it, where you win it," which means that you should be presented with your decoration at the location you earned it.

12th Air Force also excels in area of fitness performance. Members from 12th Air Force are constantly deploying in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and partner nation exercises. Deploying to these locations mean the Airmen selected have to be in optimum shape.

12th Air Force has gone above and beyond by exceeding Air Force standards with a 99 percent pass rate. Upholding the third Air Force core value excellence in all that we do, just passing a physical fitness test isn't enough, 66 percent of 12th Air Force personnel have not only passed the test, but have also attained an excellent rating on their test.

From decorations to physical fitness test 12th Air Force is taking the charge and leading from the front setting both the standard and example for others to follow.