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Records upkeep proves vital in career progression

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Adam Grant
  • 12th Air Force (Air Forces Southern) Public Affairs
If your records meet a board tomorrow, would they accurately illustrate your suitability for promotion or retention? Are your evaluations, time in service, time in grade and decorations correct? Are your professional military education records complete? Do you know what your promotion recommendation form says?

No one cares about your career more than you do, and if you're not answering "yes" to every question, you are not managing your career, and that mistake could cost you in the long run.

"You have to be accountable for your own personal records," said Capt. Joseph Dowell, 12th Air Force (Air Forces Southern) section commander." As technology advances so does the Air Force, there was a time when Airmen had to go and physically view their records, and those times have passed now Airmen can view online at anytime."

In 2012, the Air Force began using electronic records for officer promotion boards and senior non-commissioned officer evaluation boards.

Airmen are now able to view their records on myPers through the Personnel Records Display Application. PRDA affords members the opportunity to view their records and to see which items will meet upcoming boards.

"Your records tell retention boards why you're a valuable member, while also making you stand out against your peers. Your records also let members of the promotion boards know you're ready for the additional responsibility that comes with advancing to the next rank," Dowell said.

Enlisted members can also go into myPers and access PRDA to see which enlisted and officer performance reports s and decorations were reviewed by evaluation boards.

The first electronic boards process for officers was during the July 2012 central selection boards and the first electronic enlisted evaluation board was the June 2013 senior NCO supplemental board.

Following a board release, officers can securely access the complete record of performance reviewed by board members, as well as their officer selection brief, copies of any letters they submitted, and their most recent promotion recommendation form.

PRFs and retention recommendation forms are available for view in PRDA once the board results have been released and are only viewable by the individual. This allows the individual to view their results with an added level of security to protect their information.

Members are also able to review their as-is board-related record on the myPers website. Once a board has been released, they simply log on to the site and select "board" under "available category" to view the record as it met a particular board. Listings are organized by applicable board identification.

To access enlisted record reviews, go to myPers, scroll down to the "I would like to" section and select "view my records." Click the link and follow instructions to access PRDA.

Airmen who need to make record corrections should contact their local military personnel section.

For More information about records access and other personnel issues, visit the myPers website at

Editor's note: Janis El Shabazz, Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs, contributed to this article.