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August issue of Airman magazine now available

  • Published
The August issue of Airman magazine is now available to download and is viewable through a web browser.

In this month’s issue of Airman magazine, we take a look at the U-2 mission and what happens while a pilot is 13 miles high in the stratosphere.

Also included in the U-2 discussion is how pilots are able to eat through a pressurized suit that has no flip down visor.

Lastly, we sift through the sand with explosive ordnance disposal technicians and discuss the inherent risks that these brave Airmen have and continue to face on a daily basis to save the lives of others.

You can download the August issue of Airman magazine on your tablet here:

- Apple version
- Android version

To read this issue on a PC/Mac, click here.

For more stories, visit Airman Online, the website for the official magazine of the U.S. Air Force.