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JRISE supports STRATCOM's intel needs

  • Published
  • U.S. Navy
A former Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, General David M. Shoup, once said, "To lack Intelligence is to be in the ring blindfolded."

U.S. Navy Reserve U.S. Strategic Command Intel-Offutt, therefore, assists in taking the blindfold off of the commander of STRATCOM.

STRATCOM's mission is to deter strategic attacks against the U.S. as the stewards of the nation's strategic nuclear capabilities. It is also the focal point for combating weapons of mass destruction, the director of operations in both space and cyberspace, and the facilitator of providing the President of the United States the most timely and accurate information to aid in his decisions.

The STRATCOM Reserve unit provides intelligence to support this mission and on Jan. 1, 2012, they led the way in establishing the Joint Reserve Intelligence Support Element, or JRISE. This team includes 56 Sailors, 36 Airmen and 13 Soldiers, all Reservists, to better serve this purpose.

As a truly joint enterprise, U.S. Navy Capt. Eileen Laubacher leads the JRISE, bringing together the best and brightest intelligence specialists in the Midwest, to deliver timely, all-source and imagery intelligence on items of high interest to STRATCOM.

Laubacher has been onboard as JRISE director and unit commander since Dec. 2013. During her first few months with the unit, she has come to quickly recognize and appreciate the contributions of the members of this joint enterprise.

"It is my privilege to be the commanding officer of this group of dedicated and talented soldiers, sailors and airmen," she said. "This unit is representative of the best of joint organizations -- each service bringing its specific strengths, expertise and history in a synergistic effort. Together we are indeed more than the sum of our parts."

The JRISE is divided into five divisions aligned with strategic mandates which enable the unit to deliver high-quality products which are directly actionable for the supported command.