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  • Lessons from Concessions: Leading through Service

    Quite often, Airmen are asked to volunteer for numerous on and off-base organizations. In many cases, assistance is required to work at concessions to help raise money for worthy causes or to work in other community activities. The work is sometimes hard, the hours sometimes long, but there is a

  • Assertive communication leads to stronger relationships

    Editor's note: This is part-two in a twelve-part series highlighting the twelve master resiliency skills as part of Comprehensive Airman Fitness.As part of the Air Force-wide initiative of Comprehensive Airman Fitness, there are 12 master resiliency skills that servicemembers can use on a daily

  • What does it mean to “hunt the good stuff?”

    Editor's note: This is part one in a twelve-part series highlighting the twelve master resiliency skills as part of Comprehensive Airman Fitness.Comprehensive Airman Fitness, an Air Force-wide initiative, creates a culture that gives Airmen the skills they need to overcome adverse or traumatic

  • The good in confrontation

    Throughout my years in various personnel fields, classifier, manpower specialist and currently the equal opportunity director, I have heard one constant from supervisors and employees, "I hate confrontation." Confrontation is a form of communication that is essential when striving for effective

  • Building resiliency: A different approach

    How do you build resiliency within a team? The concept is simple; it basically revolves around having the ability to "bounce back" from the everyday stresses of work and life. One of the key elements to developing that ability is building a strong team, and the monthly Resiliency Day program in the

  • Bilateral air talks emphasize importance of Panama-US partnership

    Highly successful air staff talks took place between 12th Air Force (Air Forces Southern) personnel and the National Aeronaval Service of Panama (SENAN) Aug. 27 - 30 in Panama City, Panama. The talks involved the sub-director of the Panamanian Aeronaval Service, the 12th Air Force (AFSOUTH) director

  • Balancing your personal and professional lives

    There's no doubt that service members face their own unique set of trials. Airmen face significant challenges in integrating their career, spouse, children, friends and self into their daily routine. Although there's no sure-fire way of maintaining a balanced lifestyle, there are a variety of

  • 49th AMXS, F-22 Raptors stand ready

    The F-22 Raptor cannot be matched by any known or projected fighter aircraft; however, there hasn't been and probably will never be an aircraft designed that doesn't require care and feeding to fly and project its capabilities.Holloman AFB is one of a few bases selected to maintain the Air Force's

  • It takes a village to fight depression in our Air Force

    We believe as Airmen that we belong to the greatest service and institution in the world. This is ingrained in us from the time we take the oath and every day thereafter, until we separate or retire. Time after time we understand and accept the challenge that there is a very small margin for error.

  • Choose life because YOU matter

    You can't concentrate and your decision-making capabilities have been taken over by a dark fog. You're just so unbelievably weak and tired because you've lost that spark for life. You try desperately to smile to appease everyone around you, but it hurts. The guilt and incredible sense of