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  • Acceptance…do you have what it takes?

    No one person is alike. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders and have different views on religious, political and sexual preferences, and they are judged unnecessarily because of it. You may not agree with someone's preferences, but the thing is that you don't have to agree. You do,

  • Who sets the first impression for your unit?

    Recently, I was at the Tucson International Airport returning home from a TDY when I noticed a very young airman basic; who from all appearances was arriving at his first-duty location. We were both at the luggage claim area at the same time and I took note that he was lugging around basically

  • "Don't know what you've got till it's gone"

    Have you ever had one of those days where you habitually throw on your uniform while watching the news, drive to work without even really thinking about what you're doing because you've done it so many times, perform your job and then, at the end of the day as you're driving home, think to yourself,

  • Medically ready... 100 percent of the time

    As you drive through the main gate, safely look to your right and read the Holloman AFB welcome sign. At the bottom, our vision is proudly displayed: One team...Combat Ready.From a medical standpoint it should read, "One team...78 percent Combat Ready."There is a lot that goes into being "Combat

  • Standards and Accountability - Who are you going to be today?

    How you answer this one simple question can determine the course of your entire day. You see, who we are is not determined by what happens to us but rather in how we respond to what has happened. Therefore, we have the ability to determine who we are going to be every day.We are all accountable for

  • Importance of 'Flag Day'

    Each year, Americans can enjoy four special days set aside specifically to honor our veterans and comrades in arms. Sadly, too many of us often overlook these opportunities to pay our respect and recognize the sacrifice and service of these individuals. These four days are intended to, in some small

  • D-M senior enlisted corps primed to lead

    As my time as the 355th Fighter Wing's command chief draws to a close here, it's hard not to notice how great it is to be an enlisted leader on the Desert Lightning Team - I am surrounded by powerhouse leaders that make service easier for us all.In the past three months, two of our chief master

  • Spreading our wings in the military

    From the time you joined the service, to this point in your career, this article is about using the tools and skills that the military provides you in order to rise to the challenge. You may not truly realize that you have the capability until the opportunity presents itself. I'm fortunate to serve

  • After nearly 32 years, it is time to say goodbye to the Air Force that I love

    Time has flown by! After raising my hand to my first enlistment as an Ohio Air National Guardsman on March 27, 1980, and then returning to full active-duty on Nov. 1, 1982, spending almost 32 years of training, deploying, and working in the team colors of the United States Air Force, I find myself

  • Haiti: this is why I serve

    I'm often asked why I choose to be in the Air Force. Some people ask to start up conversation, others to be polite, and some genuinely wonder what compels Airmen to swear to support and defend the Constitution, put themselves in harm's way and deploy far from home. Most people who ask are looking