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  • Riverine project reaffirms U.S. commitment to medical partnership in Peru

    The Alto Amazonas district of Peru teems with steamy jungles and swarms of insects, but for a 15-member Air Force medical team, no obstacle could keep them from providing patient care to locals there alongside their Peruvian medical counterparts as part of the ongoing Riverine Project. The Riverine Project encompasses an isolated area called the
  • Today's Air Force: "Builders"...not "Breakers"

    Ever since I was a kid I remember fighter pilots using the phrase "break stuff and blow things up" as a way to explain their job. It was considered a short-handed description of the tasks modern Air Forces face: targeting the enemy's infrastructure while inflicting minimal damage to the civilian populace while preserving as many of one's aircraft
  • Military spouses key to supporting AFSOUTH Airmen, mission

    When members of the public envision a military deployment, thoughts of dark gray aircraft and hardware, camouflaged uniforms, tents, military hospitals and satellite receivers are likely some of the first thoughts that come to mind. While it's likely these items will be present, behind the military infrastructure, a dedicated group of spouses work

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