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  • Peru, Brazil, US collaborate on TCCC training

    Approaching the training holistically, the TCCC course included a series of comprehensive modules, covering battlefield medicine, trauma care and evacuation procedures. Peruvians and Brazilians engaged in hands-on simulations and lectures led by experienced medical personnel assigned to the 167th

  • CJTF-RS24 leadership visits, assesses new shoot house at GRUFE

    In the months leading up to RS24, the U.S. funded the construction of a modernized shoot house at GRUFE, which is projected to be completed this summer. This facility will be essential for conducting combined joint training for Peru and the U.S. in close quarters combat, a critical skill for

  • Peruvian, US firefighters train for aircraft fire evacuations

    Peruvian Airmen shared techniques and best practices for handling and extinguishing aircraft fires and rescuing trapped personnel with the U.S. Airmen, who likewise shared their tactics. The fire rescue training was coordinated by the Combined Joint Task Force – RS24 and aimed to prepare the U.S.