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  • LAMAT Dental Team First to Treat Patients at New Redi Doti Dental Clinic

    The dental team of the Lesser Antilles Medical Assistance Team (LAMAT) was the first to see patients in a newly opened dental clinic in Redi Doti, Suriname on Monday. The Youth Dental Care Foundation’s (JTV) Redi Doti clinic will serve patients in rural communities, making dental services and

  • Western Hemisphere air forces prepare for PANAMAX 2022

    Twelfth Air Force (Air Forces Southern) personnel participated in a Planning in Crisis (PIC) conference June 22-30, in Panama City, Panama, in which air component planners from 10 Caribbean and Latin American countries coordinated air force operations for the upcoming PANAMAX 2022 exercise. The

  • 474th EOSS Promoting Partner Professional Development by Example

    “The War is Won in the Air.” That is the title of Chapter 23, of Juan Manuel Santos’ book, Jaque al Terror, in which the former President of Colombia outlines the military planning and operations that broke the Marxist guerrilla organization, known as the FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de

  • Exercise Relampago VI soars over Colombia

    The skies roared with the sounds of U.S. Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcons. Sounds that are not usually heard in a small mountain community in South America.Far from home and familiar territory, Airmen from all over the United States journeyed to Colombia and transformed a contingency location to

  • 474th EOSS Airmen complete MAAS install at CACOM 5

    Airmen assigned to the 474th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron completed an install and certification of a mobile aircraft arresting system prior to the commencement of Exercise Relampago VI on a shared runway with CACOM 5 and Jose Maria Cordova International Airport, July 9.The first ever

  • Why we do what we do: Evaluating Resolute Sentinel-21

    How does U.S. military leadership determine which missions should be carried out? Who decides what and how much supplies are necessary? Who helps evaluate if a mission is successful or not? These questions and an endless number of others can be answered by operations research analysts. Capt.

  • Resolute Sentinel 21: Honduras SURGRETE wrap-up

    The surgical readiness training exercise (SURGRETE) team has completed their nine days of surgeries at Hospital del Sur, May 27.Over the course of two weeks, the team of U.S. military medics have completed over 40 surgeries ranging from simple transurethral resections of the prostate (TURP) to