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Medically ready... 100 percent of the time

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Christopher Dwyer
  • 49th Aerospace Medicine Squadron superintendent
As you drive through the main gate, safely look to your right and read the Holloman AFB welcome sign. At the bottom, our vision is proudly displayed: One team...Combat Ready.

From a medical standpoint it should read, "One team...78 percent Combat Ready."

There is a lot that goes into being "Combat Ready" and I'm not just talking about numerous Computer Based Training modules. Being combat ready is not easy and requires us to be at our physical, mental, technical and spiritual best.

Because of the nature of combat, we can only afford to send our healthiest into battle. As of early July, Team Holloman stands at 78 percent "Combat Ready."

Being ready from a medical standpoint means having your physical health assessment, dental exam, immunizations, and required blood tests up-to-date, as well as having gas masks inserts if you wear glasses.

These metrics encompass what we call, Individual Medical Readiness, or IMR. As medics in the world's greatest Air Force, we have a responsibility to provide a healthy force to our combatant commanders. It is also a responsibility of the member, supervisor, and commander that they and their Airmen remain ready to deploy.

We are also responsible for ensuring that those who are not mentally and physically capable to deploy don't. This is accomplished by placing members on a Duty Limiting Condition (DLC), or better known around the Air Force as a "Profile".

According to Air Force data, Airmen on a DLC account for about 12 percent of the Air Force and 15 percent here at Holloman. This means that 85 percent of Holloman Airmen should be ready at any given time.

Unfortunately, we are below the 80 percent standard set by our leaders at the Pentagon. Our leaders accept and realize that life events, injuries, Illnesses, etc. occur and therefore created a standard that at least 80 percent of our force be ready medically to deploy 100 percent of the time.

As military members and leaders are you doing your part to make sure you and your Airmen are combat ready?

Every Airman has the ability to check their IMR status via the AF portal or at

Do your part in helping ensure Team Holloman provides a fit and healthy force. By working together, we can exceed the standard and truly be Combat Ready!

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