Gen. Corley's first speech to ACC Airmen

  • Published
  • By Lt. Gen. Norman Seip
  • 12th Air Force and Air Forces Southern
The following is an extract of Gen. John D.W. Corley's, the new commander of Air Combat Command, change of command speech given on October 2. The general comes from an Air Force family. His father served in 8th Air Force in World War I, while his wife served 26 years, and 3 of his 4 children are in the Air Force. The excerpt below clearly spells out the general's focus for the command. 

The message to 12th Air Force and Air Forces Southern Airmen is clear: Your personal trajectory has a direct influnece on our nation's success.  General Corely provides a template you should consider...embodied in a simple word: VECTOR. 

"V" for VISION...The cliche' goes that any path will do if you don't know where you're going. That isn't true for the airmen of ACC. You see, Airmen have always had a unique vantage point...they operate in and dominate the high ground. They're not constrained by the next mountain range or shoreline. Great Captains like Arnold, Spaatz, and Mitchell had this vision and so does our CHIEF. Our ACC vision leads to an unlimited horizon!

"E"...EXECUTE the mission. This is where ACC and its most prized possession - you - shine! All Airmen, in every AFSC, in every squadron across this entire Command are critical to executing the mission. It is about dominating air, space and cyberspace. It's about defending this great Nation.

Values - This Nation deserves Airmen committed to Integrity, Service and Excellence. Use it as a moral compass...During tenure as Vice Chief, I kept a painting of Billy Mitchell's court marshal in my office. Why? To remind me of conviction to values and commitment to a set of ideals and mater what the personal cost.

"T"...TEAM - we are Airmen, part of an interdependent and co-equal joint team. ACC is heavily committed to the fight against terrorism and succeed we must continue to foster team work in every work space and do so in partnership with our joint brothers and sisters. To do anything less will endanger not only the fight tonight but every future fight.

"O"...Global Vigilance...Power...and Reach. These ORGANIZING constructs provide the fundamentals to what an Air Force does - survey the entire planet, range the globe, and hold any target at risk, command and control activities, and dominate our domains.

Lastly "R"...for RESPECT - from personal to professional to international...relationships are key. But what forms lifelong, viable relationships is trust and respect. Foster mutual respect always...that will help achieve ACC's goals.

So what's asked of you and where are we going? Maintain an Airman's vision, execute your mission, hold true to your core values, rally round your team, build on the Air Force organizing construct and foster respect. ...that's your VECTOR!

We are the nation's strategic sword and shield...on the front line of America's security today and everyday. Our nation is at war. We must be able to dissuade, deter, and defeat all enemies.

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